• What Evie is Reading

    Oh. My. God. This month I had my heart, imagination, soul and libido handed to me on a plate courtesy of some absolutely epic reads. I love it when I start reading a book and right from the beginning I know I’m in safe hands but about to be taken on the ride of my life. I’ve got a second chance love triangle romance, a glorious alien romance, and a reverse age gap trope survivalist love story for you.

  • What Evie is Reading

    I love finding new authors thanks to the passion of readers who recommend their books. This month I was introduced to three authors whose books I just adored. We’ve got a single dad friends-to-lovers romance set in the world of stand-up comedy that had me from the dedication, a wonderfully layered and structured second chance romance between a movie star and a journalist, and a gloriously sexy and funny fish out of water love story between a grumpy mechanic and a romance novelist whose lost her mojo. Read on, my friends, to find out more!

  • A History of Hot Men in Kilts

    It’s as iconic a piece of attire as the ten gallon Stetson, the Indian sari or the kimono from Japan. Hell, it’s up there in the pantheon of Cool Things to Wear with Coco Chanel’s original LBD. It will forever be associated with Scotland, even though its origins are oft-disputed and prone to cause heated arguments. Men who wear it for the first time think they’ve suddenly morphed into Mel Gibson in Braveheart and immediately start banging on about ‘Freedom’. And it drives lots of women – including me – crazy at the thought of ‘What Lies Beneath’…

  • What Evie is Reading

    This month we’re in Ireland, The Azores and Hawaii for a second chance romance, a singles holiday, and a steamy tale of a nanny and a rugby star. These stories have heart, heat, and enough laughs to make drinking and reading a hazardous occupation when combined… Enjoy my reviews, and don’t forget to recommend my next read via email or social media!

  • What are Instagram edits?

    If you’ve been scrolling through the bookstaverse on Instagram, you will have invariably come across ‘edits’. These are collages of images that allude to elements, scenes and characters in a story. Usually made by fans, they can also be created by authors, and are a wonderful way to create a mood and add visual context to the book they reference.

  • What Evie is Reading

    This month we’re heading down the rabbit hole with Alice and off world with some new alien totty. I’ve been a huge fan of Kayley Loring for a while now, and her latest book - Good Vibrations - takes the title and runs with it. It’s got singing vibes, surfing vibes, beach vibes, and a scene with a vibe that will make you extremely hot under the collar, all set against the backdrop of Alice in Wonderland (the musical). And from this delightful frothy fun, we go dark and brooding with a mad alien warlord and another badass alien descended from a dragon. Whether you love laugh-out-loud romantic comedy, or…

  • Cookout Carnage

    What happens when you put a wild American romcom writer together with a bonkers British one? You get Chaos, Calamity and Carnage in the form of six interconnected love stories spanning a year of holidays.

  • What Evie is Reading

    Are you sitting comfortably? Or would you rather be sitting uncomfortably? This month I’ve got spanking, sass, sauce and aliens for you…I’ve got a fabulous sports romance featuring ‘Decker the pany wrecker’, the best BDSM book I have EVER read, and a romance with an alien who is supposed to be the least attractive of his kind. These books were just epic and I’d love for you to give at least one of them a whirl around your library dancefloor. So, break out the funny shaped ball, the handcuffs, or the spaceship and check out my books of the month!

  • What Evie is Reading

    Do you wish it could be Christmas every day? Well, in the world of romance novels you could read a hundred Christmas books every day for a year and still not get through them all. It may not currently be the season to be jolly, but I’m still sharing these awesome books I read last yuletide. I’ve got one of the best ‘friends-to-lovers’ books I’ve ever read, three snort-laugh-tastic steamy novellas, and a huge family saga of a book from a literary giant. All of these did me proud last Christmas and I’m thrilled to share them with you here!

  • Overused Words

    As a writer, I’m more concerned with telling a story and taking characters and readers on a journey than I am with monitoring how many times I use certain words. However, once the first draft is set down and the editing process begins, then the spectre of ‘overused words’ rears it’s spectrely head like a spectre from another world entirely habited by spectres…