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What is a Sex Index?

There have been many great contributions to the world of literature. Gutenberg invented the printing press, Shakespeare invented romantic comedy, and J K Rowling invented Harry Potter. However, all of these achievements pale into insignificance compared to my contribution – the sex index. Seeing a hole, I filled it. Finding a gap, I plugged it. My invention of a sex index at the back of a romance novel is hands down the most exciting new development since the Kindle. So join me, readers and fellow authors, to drill down into what a sex index is, and what it can do for you…

What is a sex index?

A sex index is an index in the back matter of a romance book that references the locations of the sex scenes. Every steamy section, every magical moment that made you hot under the collar is now easily accessed. You can read the sexy scenes and continue reading the rest of the story knowing that you can find your favourite bits easily again.

Why do we need a sex index?

When you’re reading a steamy book, it’s always enjoyable to go back and reread the good bits. In fact, there’s even an entire website dedicated to the most panty-melting parts of romance novels. Titled ‘The Good Bits’, this is one of my favourite websites and is also a source of body and sex positive advice and education.

At this point, all you naysayers out there might be crying ‘but hang on, Evie, just fold the corners of the page down! Or highlight the passage on your eReader!’

Yes, those are both indeed options, however do you really want the next person who picks up the book to know exactly what you’ve been studying? As for using the highlight function, that is for those with an advanced degree in technology aka ‘young people’. I know most of you are au fait with this kind of witchcraft, but I know my limits, and highlighting and then re-finding a passage on my Kindle is quite simply beyond my area of expertise.

So that’s where my idea for a sex index comes in. You’ve got one page, as part of the book, where all the hard work is done for you.

What does a sex index look like?

A sex index at the back of a romance novel is very simple. Here is the one at the back of the eBook version of Highland Games:

Highland Games Sex Index

(aka The Good Bits)

Chapter 17 – Four-poster Foreplay

Chapter 19 – What time is it? It’s sexy time…

Chapter 21 – Pleasure for pudding

Chapter 25 – Coming home

In the print version I even have the page numbers for easier access. 

Which other authors use sex indexes? 

Currently there are no other authors using my idea for a sex index. But I am not daunted! The feedback from readers has been incredibly enthusiastic, and the word ‘genius’ has even been bandied about. With every revolutionary idea, it can take a while for it to become mainstream. However, like the invention of the wheel or sliced bread, it’s only a matter of time before a sex index is not only mainstream but mandated by organisations such as RAARRR (the Romance Authors and Romance Readers Ring). I am confident that my idea of a sex index will soon take its place alongside ‘acknowledgements’ and ‘about the author’ in the back matter of every steamy romance novel.

So what do you think? As a reader do you love this idea? And as an author, are you going to adopt it for your next publication and back catalogue? Let me know!

Evie xxx

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