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Favourite Quotes from Highland Games

Highland Games is full of wonderful one liners and fabulous quotes. There isn’t enough room to have all of them here, but I’ve picked out some of my favourites for you to enjoy!

Highland Games -favourite quotes water butt

‘What a butt…’

Rory turned and looked at her, his eyes wide. ‘What?’

Shit! She had spoken out loud! 

‘Water butt, you said you were going to attach it?’ she replied, her voice going higher. 

Rory flushed. ‘Yes, if you’ll just leave me in peace I can get on with it.’

Zoe fled back inside, shut the door and then sank to the floor, her hands clamped over her mouth to stop her giggles.

Highland Games
Highland Games -favourite quotes clothes off

Zoe filled the firebox with wood and opened the Rayburn up. She wasn’t going to cook, but if she could warm Rory up then maybe some of his clothes would come off. 

Highland Games
Highland Games -favourite quotes - clothes

Rory’s cheeks were burning and he could feel the back of his neck prickling with sweat. He wanted the Rayburn off and the temperature down by fifty degrees. He needed Zoe wearing so many clothes she became indistinguishable from a sofa. 

Highland Games

He looked down at the full, lush softness of her lips. She darted her tongue out, moistening them, and then swallowed.

‘Do you want some ice for the swelling?’ she asked, her voice breaking slightly.

Jesus Christ, she would be the death of him. He needed ice alright, just not for his foot.

Highland Games
Highland Games -favourite quotes dipping in chocolate

He was the most beautiful man she had ever seen, the most desirable human on the planet. Even dipping him in chocolate couldn’t increase his appeal any further. 

Highland Games
Highland Games -favourite quotes swiss mountain

‘It may be some poor fool’s fantasy to be murdered in the middle of nowhere by a redneck mutant hobbit but it’s certainly not mine,’ she burbled breathlessly. ‘I’ve seen enough of you to last a lifetime, and if I fancy a repeat performance, I think I’d rather go to a mountain famous for rockfalls and avalanches and start yodelling.’

‘You can stop talking now,’ said Rory drily, ‘There’s only so much one man’s ego can take.’

Highland Games
Highland Games -favourite quotes silouette

His hair looked almost white in the moonlight, waves of ancient light framing his powerful face. Shadows brought his cheekbones into a starker definition, the bump on his nose, his full lips. His grey eyes were glowing. Zoe had never seen such perfection before. He was made by mountains, forged by fire, washed by the oceans and blessed by God. 

Highland Games

He looked down into her deep brown eyes. He had never been so bewitched by a woman. She was the perfect fit, her tall, willowy body moulding to his. Her eyes were pools of chocolate, her freckles a dusting of cocoa powder, her hair spirals of spun sugar. She was the most delicious creature he had ever known, and he couldn’t get enough. 

Highland Games
Highland Games -favourite quotes sheets

‘Do you know how to make a bed properly?’ Rory asked.


‘It was one of the first things I learned in the army. And now, you’re going to learn the vital skill that has kept our country safe for so long.’ 

She giggled. ‘Do I have to be able to bounce a bullet off it at the end?’ 

Rory raised an eyebrow and she felt heat start to spread out inside her body, her heart rate rising.

‘I could bounce a grenade.’

Highland Games

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