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The Upper Crush Release

Enemies-to-lovers is my favourite trope and you don’t get more enemies-to-lovers than Estelle Foxbrooke and James Hunter-Savage… Estelle is one of the main side characters in Love ad Lib and An Unholy Affair and James is the man you love to hate. I’ve had an absolute blast with this book. Both Estelle and James are fiery and funny, and putting them together has been explosive! There’s high drama, scorching steam, unicorn slippers, shotguns and a company called ‘Big Dick Energy Entertainment’…

If you’re down for:

🏇 A badass heroine who does mounted archery🏹

💪 A cocky hero with all the BDE…🍆

🐕 The best side character pets 🐾

🥊 Enemies-to-lovers shenanigans🔥

😂 All the lols 🤣

😍 The best of friends 🥰

🔥 Sizzling steam… 💦

Then you need The Upper Crush in your life!

True stories, real places, and inspiration

I can’t help writing my own life into my books, even putting in Easter eggs for my alpha reader, Pash to enjoy. Here are some examples as well as where I got my inspiration for certain moments!

  • Like Estelle, I’m a HUGE Spice Girls fan and have a cardboard cut out of them in my office…
  • Our family dogs are Chester and Joy (like Estelle’s dogs), however ours are brother and sister and are a border terrier, toy poodle, Jack Russell cross.
  • I designed the logo for BDE Entertainment before I’d written a word of The Upper Crush. I was definitely inspired, but also procrastinating…
  • I love French Fancies, but unfortunately can’t eat them as my diet is 100% gluten-free…
  • I once drove a Renault Kangoo, and it was known as the ‘Pope-mobile’.
  • The dialogue exchange between Estelle and James in the church when she says she knows exactly who he is, was thought up at four a.m., a few years ago when I couldn’t sleep. I knew I had to get it in a book, and James and Estelle were the perfect characters to bring it to life!
  • I was also in bed unable to sleep when I had the idea for Estelle’s ‘gifts’ to James. I snort-laughed as soon as I thought about them and again when I wrote them into the book. And when I was recording the audiobook, there were multiple times when I had to stop because I couldn’t stop laughing!
  • Researching festivals, I heard in graphic detail about exploding toilets and knew I had to put it into the book (just not as awful as in real life)…

And… Check out all of the places that inspired The Upper Crush and read excerpts set in each place via the 🐿️ app! Check out the location map here!

The Upper Crush reviews

The Upper Crush is the longest and most complicated and challenging book I’ve ever written. It’s been so wonderful to read some of the early reviews and see that I’ve managed to change people’s mind about James!

Check out some of the early reviews that have made my day below!

I loved this book so much and once I started reading, I just couldn’t stop, sitting up well past midnight, desperate to find out what happened and how the happy ending would play out for these two. Evie doesn’t disappoint! Needless to say, I now love James!

Another cracking edition to the Foxbrooke series. – Margaret Amatt

Evie Alexander just keeps getting better and better. This is her best book yet! This story is full of heart, humour, main characters you’ll fall in love with, and a deliciously page-turning plot (with plenty of steam). I couldn’t put it down. Thanks, Evie, for giving me several hours of unadulterated pleasure. Get it. Read it. Love it. – Merren Tait, Goodreads

Well, I’ve literally just finished this book and my heart is still racing. So sizzlingly hot! This author’s works just get better and better!

The sex as ever is gloriously well written, not for prudes, it’s quite graphic and erotic and so very hot. I’ve really enjoyed this book and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to you to read.Sarah Hills, Goodreads

“This book had all of the funny quips I’ve come to expect from Evie Alexander, and as always, still has so much heart… And the spice, the spice was PERFECTION. I really liked how the first night they spent together was told through James’ POV. I feel like in romance books so many encounters are told through the woman’s perspective. It was refreshing and different to get the whole situation from the male POV. And it was HOT!” – Elizabeth, Goodreads

“The Upper Crush is chock-full of hilarious passive-aggressive antics, slow-burn tension, and off-the-charts steam. The undercurrent of emotions, slowly peeling away the protective layers Estelle and James armored themselves in for so long… ugh, my heart. I won’t even include all my highlights, because I don’t want to spoil the experience. Plus, all the Foxbrooke’s and friends we’ve come to adore joining in on all the chaos and laughter are the perfect addition to this enemies-to-lovers rom-com romp!” – Katie, Goodreads

If you’ve read and enjoyed The Upper Crush, I would LOVE for you to write me a review! They make SUCH a difference and don’t have to be long!

You can review The Upper Crush on Apple, Amazon, Google Play, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, Bookbub and on any other platform you like!

Steamy scenes in The Upper Crush 

The Upper Crush is hot, hot, HOT! And, as always, there’s my fabulous invention, the ‘sex index’ at the back of the book where you can easily find and re-read the spicy bits!

Here’s what you can enjoy in The Upper Crush…

Chapter 22 – Show me how you want to be kissed

Chapter 25 – Please don’t shoot my dick off

Chapter 29 – It’s time for my birthday present…

Chapter 37 – This is what love feels like

The Upper Crush edits

Once again, the Bookstagram community has shown their love for The Upper Crush with some absolutely stunning edits.

If you’d like to create your own edit, or post about The Upper Crush on your socials, then check out our special page here which contains graphics and elements you can use for free!

The Upper Crush blurb

💰 He wasn’t banking on someone else taking the reins… 🏇

Lady Estelle Foxbrooke is done cleaning up the mess left by her wild parents. She’s got a plan: take the reins and save the family estate her way. But then she’s saddled with a business partner she’s hated all her life. He’s her twin brother’s worst enemy and looms in her path like a six-foot-four hurdle.

After a catastrophic business fail, rich and successful James Hunter-Savage has watched his dream life in London crash and burn. Forced to ditch the city for the Somerset countryside, he’s now living with his parents and expected to work with the infuriatingly attractive Estelle. She’s sharper than a whip, pushes all his buttons, and seems determined to break him.

As Estelle and James jockey for position, their explosive personalities combust into passion, sending Estelle’s plans to the edge of ruin. With James’s flimsy reputation in tatters, and the biggest event on the Foxbrooke calendar on the brink of collapse, will they realise their love is worth fighting for? Or are their hearts and hard work heading for the ultimate fall?

The Upper Crush is a laugh-out-loud, enemies-to-lovers, steamy, standalone, smalltown romantic comedy with a fiery country girl giving a cocky city boy a run for his money. No cheating or cliffhanger, but snort-laughs, swoons and a deliciously happy ending! It’s written as a perfect standalone but I think you’ll enjoy it even more after reading Love ad Lib and An Unholy Affair first!

Read The Upper Crush today

The Upper Crush is available in print, eBook and audio. Click here to get your copy now from our Shopify site, or here to get it from your preferred storefront, and find out for yourself just how I redeem James Hunter-Savage!

Evie xxx