• Cows Come a Calling – Excerpt from Highland Games

    Zoe, our heroine from Highland Games, has always lived her life safely. She’s done what she’s been told, never rebelled, and never taken risks. She’s the ‘Queen of Spreadsheets, the Empress of Organisation.’ That is, until her great uncle dies and gives her the wooden cabin he’s lived in all his life. Highland Games opens with Zoe moving up to Scotland, hopelessly unprepared for what she finds, and without having thought anything through. In this excerpt we see her come face to face with some highland cattle.

  • facebook for romance authors

    Best Facebook Groups for a Romance Author

    Unless you start your career as an author on a creative writing course, or with a bunch of like-minded people in a different setting, chances are you’ll be writing on your own. Writing can be a lonely task at the best of times. Here are some of the author Facebook groups I’m in, which you might also find useful.