• Kissing Games Release

    Kissing Games is the third novel in the Kinloch series and - cover your ears, my other book children - it’s probably my favourite. The romance between Charlie and Valentina actually began life as a side story in Hollywood Games. I loved the idea of a tattooed, ex special-forces bodyguard falling in love with a hot Hollywood actress, so wrote Charlie Hamilton (Rory’s best mate), getting together with Valentina Valverde who is in Scotland starring in Braveheart 2.

  • Top 10 Hot Scots

    Great Scot! Here’s my list of the hunkiest Scottish men ever to grace stage and screen, or headline Ibiza. In honour of my Kinloch series, and the gorgeous Rory, Jamie, Duncan and more, I’ve decided to show you where I got some of my inspiration from. Scotland may be cold but these men are hot, especially when they’re wearing a kilt… So buckle up ladies and gents and enjoy some sexy shortbread, some horny highlanders, some Celtic cuties, some – enough now Evie...