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  • Title: Christmas Games
  • Author: Evie Alexander
  • Publication date: 10th June 2024
  • Release platforms: ALL platforms – eBook, print, and audiobook
  • Universal link:
  • ASIN: B0D618LXFG
  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-914473-20-3
  • Print Book ISBN: 978-1-914473-21-0
  • Audio ISBN: 978-1-914473-56-2
  • Page count: 124
  • Genre/subgenre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy/ Holiday Romance
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Author Information

Evie Alexander

Evie Alexander is an award-winning author of sexy romantic comedies with a very British sense of humour.

Imaginative, passionate and frequently called ‘bonkers’ by her friends, Evie’s interests include reading, eating, swearing, saving the world, and dreaming about people who only exist between the pages of her books.

Evie lives in the West country of the UK with her family, where she pens her steamy stories from the Smut Hut.


She’s ready to deliver the best Christmas ever…


What Zoe MacGinley really wants for Christmas this year — yes, even more than getting to play Mary in the nativity — is a baby. And she’s prepared to go to any lengths to get one, even if that means hunky hubby Rory suspending her upside down by the ankles after performing his matrimonial duties…

Preparations for Christmas at Kinloch Castle start early — as in January — but with a Hollywood house invasion and a village nativity on the cards, this year is going to be extra stressful. And that’s before those two blue lines appear on the pregnancy test.

Rory’s determined to be a good dad, unlike his own. He’ll do anything to make the pregnancy smooth for Zoe, but no matter how hard he tries, everything keeps going wrong and his life turns into a real nightmare before Christmas.

With one chance to make their last Christmas as a couple memorable, Rory throws everything into making the village nativity one that Zoe will never forget. However, Baby MacGinley has other ideas and might just end up being the real miracle this December.

Christmas Games is a laugh-out-loud, fabulously festive, grumpy-grinchy sunshine, steamy, small town romantic comedy novella, with all your favorite characters from the Kinloch series and a guaranteed happily-ever-after! It can be read as a standalone but is best enjoyed after the other books in the series.

Please note! A version of this story was first published in the Holiday Disasters series written by me and Kelly Kay. Then, it was entitled ‘No Way in a Manger’, and was one of the novellas in the book Christmas Chaos. I have made some minor changes to this iteration, however it is still substantially the same work.

Short blurbs:

68 words

Rory’s seen battle, conquered the wiles of the Scottish Highlands, and won Zoe’s heart. But now he faces his biggest challenge of all, Christmas at the castle and a heavily pregnant wife who wants everything to be perfect. The holidays should be relaxing, and having a baby’s easy, right? But with wayward in-laws, an out-of-control cow and mad Santa getting in the way, nothing is going to plan…

37 words

Having a baby’s easy, right? Until wayward in-laws, an out-of-control cow, and mad Santa get in the way. All Rory and Zoe want is a relaxing Christmas before their baby arrives, but straightforward is not their style…


Grumpy Sunshine, Small Town, Christmas, Holiday Romance, Steamy, Opposites Attract, Fish-out-of-Water, Soulmates, Celebrity, Scottish Highlands

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