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This month, love is in the air! I’ve selected three fabulous books for you that join passion and air travel with the good ole’ US of A! We’ve got a hot pilot and a flight attendant who share blinding passion and dark secrets, a wannabe romance novelist who flies from New Zealand to New York to chase her dreams, and a couple thrown together for a round the world, once in a lifetime trip. These are super-charged stories guaranteed to blow your mind as well as your undies, so check yourself in for some first class, page-turning loving!

Evie x


Turbulence by Whitney G

Stow your preconceptions in the overhead storage bins, engage your brain, fasten your seatbelt and prepare to take off with Turbulence… This book was recommended to me by a book blogger who had it recommended to her, and BOY was it worth the read. Gillian is a flight attendant and Jake is a pilot. But this story is nothing like you would expect. The timeline skips from the past to the present and hooks you from the outset. The structure is just sublime and the author treats her readers like grown-ups who can think for themselves and don’t need to be spoon fed everything. This book is just fabulous. It’s twisty, turny, angsty, hot, humorous and unputdownable. It’s got flawed heroes and even more flawed villains. It’s beautifully written and I couldn’t recommend it more highly!

Official Book Blurb

F*ck me recklessly.

Kiss me harder.

Take me again and again… 

Jake Weston and I met under a cloud of clichés:

Boy meets girl. Boy charms girl. Boy f*cks girl.

Our story was supposed to end right after the orgasms, right after we went our separate ways.

But then we saw each other again …

And neither of us could walk away.

Our rules were simple.

Our passion was scandalous.

Our hearts were supposed to be safe …

But when you find something so all-consuming—something so intoxicating and inescapable, you’ll risk everything you’ve ever had, even if you’re destined to crash and burn.

This is us.

This is our messed up love.

This is turbulence.

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Love in the City by Jen Morris

A lotta love in the big apple… This book is a love letter to New York and the genre of romance novels. Alex is living in a small town in New Zealand, her dreams of being an author still at the stage of working (assistant manager!) in a bookstore. When she’s dumped on her thirtieth birthday she gets drunk enough to quit her job and buy a plane ticket to New York, the city of her dreams.

Of course it doesn’t go quite as planned, and on arrival she’s homeless, jobless and broke. Luckily a friend of a friend lets her crash in her apartment, and she starts to try and make a new life. 

Into this equation comes grumpy hot single dad Michael who lives upstairs. It’s pretty much love at first sight for Alex, but she is nervous about getting involved, and has also promised a potential new client to write about being a single woman in NYC. 

Even though she tries to deny it, Alex does want her own happy ever after as well as to write about it. So, in secret, she starts writing a romance novel, pouring her fantasies about Michael into her book. However the path of true love never did run smooth, and soon Alex is facing the real possibility that she’s going to lose everything in her new life and be left with nothing but a plane ticket back home to New Zealand…

Love in the City is sweet, cute, emotive, and hot. If you love romance novels, bearded heartthrobs, and New York then you’ll adore this book!

Official Book Blurb

Find out what happens when a Kiwi girl ventures into the big city in this sexy and funny slow-burn romantic comedy about going after your dreams.

Turning thirty has a way of making you take a good, hard look at your life. And I think we all know what any sensible adult does in that situation: tequila shots. Lots of them.

It’s okay, though, because I’ve finally escaped my tiny New Zealand home town and my negative parents. And New York is better than my wildest fantasies.

So is Michael, the sexy single dad who lives in the apartment upstairs. And he’s featuring in my fantasies more and more—even if he’s a grump and I only ever seem to make a dork of myself in front of him. Ah well, a girl can dream.

Anyway, I’ve got a writing career to build, and writing about being single is fun. If that means swearing off men for a bit, that’s fine. I can totally do that. It’s just a tiny crush.

Besides… happily ever afters aren’t real. Are they?

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The Ticket by Heather Grace Stewart

Strap yourself in, because once you’ve got The Ticket in your hands, you’re going to be taken on a wild ride!

Bachelor & newscaster Pete McCarney buys two plane tickets for a trip around the world with his girlfriend, but they split up shortly before the trip, and he can’t get a refund. Determined to go and throwing caution to the wind, he goes onto social media to find a woman with the same name as his ex to go with him. After a series of unfortunate interviews and encounters,  he finally chooses a feisty, headstrong, recently-divorced lawyer, but neither of them have any idea what to expect from their world wide adventures, or each other.

Imagine JJ Abrams, Michael Bay, Nora Ephron, and Sandra Bullock have an orgy. The Ticket is their love child. It’s got bucket loads of humour, hot steam, pathos, revenge, karma, and Love with a capital L. Pick up this book, and soon you’ll be leaping out of planes, flying around the world, getting sexy in a hot tub, and finding the meaning of true love and friendship.

Heather Grace Stewart started her creative life as a screenwriter and The Ticket reads like you’re watching a high action, high octane film. It’s no surprise that it has been optioned to be a movie. If you like high concept romantic comedy with international travel, hot sex and lots of unexpected twists and turns then you’ll love The Ticket!

Official Book Blurb

Inspired by a true story…

Would you travel the world with a perfect stranger? Fasten your seat belts for an emotional journey filled with humor and adventure. 

Bachelor & newscaster Pete McCarney buys two plane tickets for a trip around the world with his girlfriend, but they split up shortly before the trip, and he can’t get a refund. In a gutsy last minute move, Pete goes on social media asking for women with his girlfriend’s exact name to join him on the trip. Twenty-one women apply, and the ensuing interview process is both awkward and hilarious. 

When he finally chooses a feisty, headstrong, recently-divorced lawyer, he has no idea what to expect from their world-wide adventures – and neither does Allie James. She has pretty much sworn off men since her divorce. Will either of them get the vacation they were so desperately hoping for?

Get your hands on a copy of The Ticket by clicking here

And follow Heather’s work through her website here and on social media


So, what do you think of these? Have you read any of them yet? And do you have any globe-trotting, high flying romance recommendations for me? As ever, I’d love to hear from you. You can email me, or get in touch via any of my social channels.

Happy reading!

Evie x