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Top 10 Hot Scots

Great Scot! Here’s my list of the hunkiest Scottish men ever to grace stage and screen, or headline Ibiza. In honour of my Kinloch series, and the gorgeous Rory, Jamie, Duncan and more, I’ve decided to show you where I got some of my inspiration from. Scotland may be cold but these men are hot, especially when they’re wearing a kilt… So buckle up ladies and gents and enjoy some sexy shortbread, some horny highlanders, some Celtic cuties, some – enough now Evie…


1. Sam Heughan

Actor, author, entrepreneur, award winner – Sam Heughan is a little bit of a Renaissance man, the multitalented so-and-so. Not only does he rock a muscled, swoon-inducing 18th century warrior look in the hit TV series Outlander, he’s packed a huge amount into his forty-one years, turning his hand to writing New York Time bestselling travelogues, designing clothing collections for Barbour, and launching his own brand of whisky – The Sassenach – which has won multiple awards. But he can also add ‘scorching hot’ to his list of achievements, as this son of Scotland’s Galloway Hills is very easy on the eye indeed. Square-jawed, chiselled, with oh-so-twinkly blue eyes, Sam is a pure Scottish thoroughbred.


2. Calvin Harris

From humble beginnings in the pretty Scottish market town of Dumfries, where he stocked shelves and worked in a fish factory to save up for his first pieces of musical equipment, Calvin Harris has gone on to conquer the music world and is arguably one of the most successful DJs of all time. Mega-rich, with a clutch of glam exes (think Taylor Swift, for one) Harris is also, as it happens, super-handsome – and a giant at over six feet five inches in height – and incredibly talented at what he does, which is always an intoxicating mix. Gone are the fish factory days, and his tracks and remixes fill dancefloors and music charts around the globe, making this Scottish hottie a true musical maestro.


3. Richard Madden

An accomplished stage actor – Shakespeare! – before he hit the mainstream as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones, Richard Madden went stratospheric as Sgt David Budd in the megahit TV series Bodyguard. Along with a Golden Globe award, the show earned him legions of new female fans – of which I am one, of course – due to his quiet intensity and smouldering good looks. And now we’ve been lucky enough to see more of this dashing thirtysomething due to roles in the Elton John biopic Rocketman, the Marvel superhero movie Eternals, and of course as Prince Charming in Cinderella. Here’s to many more years onscreen for this super-attractive specimen!


4. Gerard Butler

He’s something of an elder statesman in the hunky Scot stakes now, but Gerard Butler still makes knees tremble due to his Pure Beefcakiness™. Even if swords and sandal films aren’t really your thing, you must be dead inside if the sight of Butler – tighter-than-tight shorts, abs carved from granite, and pretty much nothing else – snarling ‘This is Spartaaaaaaaa’ in the movie 300 doesn’t do something to you on a primal level. His roles of late seem to revolve around dodgy action films and voiceovers for animated movies, but we won’t hold that against him: he’s still, with his dash-of-salt-and-pepper hair and cockeyed grin, a rugged slab of loveliness.


5. Ewan McGregor

Prolific and pulse-increasing in equal measure, Ewan McGregor seems to have been around for an age but is still just (a very fit) fifty years of age and shows no signs of slowing down. With that lilting Scottish accent and sparkling blues, topped off with the cheekiest of cheeky grins, Ewan does it for me every time – even as Renton in Trainspotting. Talented, humble, hard-working and incredibly sexy – just watch him straddle a motorbike in Long Way Round, for starters – he’s also a noted stage actor and even throws his hand in with charity work, where he has been a UNICEF ambassador for nearly two decades. And let’s not forget: he is Obi Wan Kenobi. May the Force be with us!


6. James McAvoy

Another versatile Scottish thespian, James McAvoy often seems to fly under the radar but once you dig deeper you’ll find a supremely gifted performer who tends to gravitate to darker roles. There’s a touch of grit and menace to McAvoy that I find hard to resist – he’s played some very bad boys in film (think: Bruce Robertson in the adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s Filth) – but he can also show a more sensitive, naïve side (check out Angelina Jolie kicking his arse in Wanted, or as the tragic Robbie in Atonement). He’s a true megastar now, thanks to his turns in the X-Men franchise, His Dark Materials and It: Chapter 2, but if you want to ogle a very fine specimen of man-hunk, look no further than his performance as Kevin Wendell Crumb in Split and Glass – McAvoy trained hard to create a physique that was referred to as ‘The Beast’. Beastly it isn’t. Gorgeous it sure is.


7. Sean Connery

Oof. Connery. The Alpha male of Alpha males. Gruff, tough, no-nonsense and as James Bond – hell, even as Indiana Jones’ grizzled dad – he was damn sexy. A Scottish national treasure, Connery was a towering figure in the film world and a teak-strong man’s man who rarely suffered fools gladly. Raised in a tough Edinburgh neighbourhood where his first job was as a milkman, he enlisted in the Royal Navy at sixteen years old before returning to Scotland where he eventually drifted into the acting world. The rest, as they say… Connery – described as ‘a virtual Adonis’ in his early years – rose to global superstardom via roles in The Man Who Would Be King, Robin and Marian opposite Audrey Hepburn, and Hitchcock’s Marnie, but it is super-spy James Bond with which he will forever be associated (much to Connery’s reported annoyance!). Gone now, but never forgotten, Connery was a true superstar and a beautiful, beautiful man.


8. Henry Cusick

This hot Scot is actually half-Peruvian, but my goodness doesn’t it just make him better to look at? Henry Cusick is not a household name but if you were ever a fan of twisty-turny-weirdy TV show Lost from the Noughties then you’ll recognise him as the character Desmond Hume – a quiet, warm, special guy with a scraggly beard and untamed hair who managed to make viewers swoon as soon as he made his debut in Season Two. As well as legions of fans the role bagged Cusick a Primetime Emmy Award nomination in 2006 – the only Lost cast member to do so – and universal acclaim from critics. He’s gone on to appear in shows as disparate as 24, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and The 100, but for me he’ll always be that olive-skinned, puppy-dog eyed castaway in Lost. 


9. Kevin McKidd

Another Trainspotting alumnus, where he played the doomed Tommy, Kevin McKidd is another thesp who has been around for what seems like an eternity, despite only just approaching his 50th birthday. A working class Scottish lad done good, McKidd has been wowing us with his performances for decades, with appearances in productions as diverse as Father Ted, Mike Leigh’s Topsy Turvy, Grey’s Anatomy and as the Greek god of the sea Poseidon in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. He’s lent his Scots lilt to Disney/Pixar hits and also to blockbuster video games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty – but let’s not focus on McKidd’s voice work, let’s just sigh as we look at those rugged features and brilliant blue eyes, shall we?


10. David Tennant

Last but certainly not least we have David Tennant. This lovely man – much like Connery, pretty much a National Treasure – has appeared in some of the most iconic shows on UK television. Doctor Who, anyone? Broadchurch? But Tennant’s résumé is as long as it is varied, with roles across countless stage and screen productions, as well as providing his soft and reassuring Scottish brogue to advertising. It’s safe to say he’s a very busy man, and very much in demand – understandable, given his talent and extreme good looks. Who couldn’t fall for that cheeky smile he sometimes flashed as the tenth Doctor? Or the scowling intensity of DI Alec Hardy in the terrific Broadchurch? Whatever he appears in, Tennant is the most gorgeous man in the room.


So that’s my Top Ten Hot Scots , all of whom really hit the mark in terms of utter sexiness.

What do you think?

Do you have any favourite Scottish hunks of your own? Have I missed a true Adonis from the list, and could I expand it to a Top Twenty? As always, I really would love to hear from you so you can email me, or get in touch via any of my social channels.

Happy Scot watching!

Evie x