• What Evie is Reading

    This month we’re heading down the rabbit hole with Alice and off world with some new alien totty. I’ve been a huge fan of Kayley Loring for a while now, and her latest book - Good Vibrations - takes the title and runs with it. It’s got singing vibes, surfing vibes, beach vibes, and a scene with a vibe that will make you extremely hot under the collar, all set against the backdrop of Alice in Wonderland (the musical). And from this delightful frothy fun, we go dark and brooding with a mad alien warlord and another badass alien descended from a dragon. Whether you love laugh-out-loud romantic comedy, or…

  • What Evie is Reading

    Are you sitting comfortably? Or would you rather be sitting uncomfortably? This month I’ve got spanking, sass, sauce and aliens for you…I’ve got a fabulous sports romance featuring ‘Decker the pany wrecker’, the best BDSM book I have EVER read, and a romance with an alien who is supposed to be the least attractive of his kind. These books were just epic and I’d love for you to give at least one of them a whirl around your library dancefloor. So, break out the funny shaped ball, the handcuffs, or the spaceship and check out my books of the month!

  • What Evie is Reading

    Do you wish it could be Christmas every day? Well, in the world of romance novels you could read a hundred Christmas books every day for a year and still not get through them all. It may not currently be the season to be jolly, but I’m still sharing these awesome books I read last yuletide. I’ve got one of the best ‘friends-to-lovers’ books I’ve ever read, three snort-laugh-tastic steamy novellas, and a huge family saga of a book from a literary giant. All of these did me proud last Christmas and I’m thrilled to share them with you here!

  • What Evie is Reading

    This month I’m mixing a cocktail so crazy, you might need to be drunk before you take a sip. I’ve got a duet of wine and political intrigue, a story with beer and beards, and a reverse harem tale with a shifter, a sphinx, a sexy sucking octopus, and so much more. So pull up (or take off) your big girl pants, and get ready to dive into some fearsome and fantastic reads!

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    What Evie is Reading

    This month we’ve got secrets, lies, balloons, unicorns and miracles, with romances set in New York, New Zealand and the UK. That Perfect Fit is a small but perfectly formed one hour read, A Very Bossy Christmas is a hot and hilarious fake relationship romp, and Nest or Invest is a heartfelt and slow burn enemies to lovers romance between a property developer and an eco warrior. I loved these stories and couldn’t put them down. Check out my reviews and let me know what you think!

  • What Evie is Reading

    Three of my favourite authors have books in this month’s blog, and all the heroes featured are former special forces badasses with hearts of gold. They put the romance into romantic suspense, treat our heroines with ultimate respect, and are the type of guy you want by your side whether as a lover, a friend, or a family member.

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    Behind the Scenes in Evie Land – November 2021

    This month I took another step towards my inevitable departure from this plane of existence, hung out with the real life Zoe in her real life cabin, and faced the greatest of all romance author challenges - my mother reading my work. Not only did I manage to survive all three events, I held it together enough to be interviewed by Anna Fury for her blog, and The Smutty Book Lady for her podcast, as well as start a secret writing project involving insta-love and an overly amorous monkey. For all this and much, much more, read on!

  • What Evie is Reading

    Three hot rich dudes, baby goats, stinky cats and Christmas. This month I was researching rom coms with illustrated covers, and discovered stories that will make you snort-laugh, tear up, and get all hot and bothered. Annika Martin, Olivia Spring, and Natasha Boyd are incredible indie authors at the top of their game. They’ve produced page-turning corkers that are brilliantly written and phenomenally edited. Reading them was an absolute delight and I loved every second. So, if you fancy a sexy Frenchman, a billionaire who puts the chemistry into chemist, or an alpha roll who can make you sizzle from thousands of miles away, then you need these books in…

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    This month, love is in the air! I’ve selected three fabulous books for you that join passion and air travel with the good ole’ US of A! We’ve got a hot pilot and a flight attendant who share blinding passion and dark secrets, a wannabe romance novelist who flies from New Zealand to New York to chase her dreams, and a couple thrown together for a round the world, once in a lifetime trip. These are super-charged stories guaranteed to blow your mind as well as your undies, so check yourself in for some first class, page-turning loving!

  • Behind the Scenes in Evie Land – October 2021

    To paraphrase Julius Caesar: “I thought, I wrote, I published”. October 2021 will forever go down in Evie history as the moment that Highland Games was birthed into the world. It was a month of incredible highs and panicked lows, a month of cake, presents, surprises and guerilla marketing. So, if you want to know how to get your book on the shelves of an airport bookstore, and sell more books than you ever thought possible, read on!